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Sheetrock Installation
Add a new room to your home or revitalize an existing one with Sheetrock installation services from Billy’s Drywall. Our Sheetrock services include taping, floating, texturing, and painting patchworks. In addition to hanging new Sheetrock, we can patch and paint damaged sections of your walls. Be sure to ask about our Sheetrock warranties to protect your brand-new walls.

Select Finish
Decor texture is an acrylic based material that Billy’s Drywall can have tinted to a desired color. We texture the walls and ceiling with the decor texture to your desired tint and when we are done you do not paint the walls. We can do any texture that is desired with the decor but it is not a paint product. We can do multiple colors in the decor texture in layers. see more

Prepcoat is used to improve the quality of the drywall finish. It makes the surface even, ready for final coating or decoration. Prepcoat application helps provide a smooth, textured finish for drywalls.

During drywall installation, trims, joints and fasteners are commonly used. Drywall face paper or joint cements used to conceal them. These create uneven surfaces on the drywall greatly affecting its overall appearance. The uneven spots are noticeable and it could get worse when light texture is applied or when there is severe side lighting

Prepcoat is a primer product applied over to the drywall to stop flashing from occurring through the texture. It prepares the drywall for the final finish. We at Billy’s Dry Wall are perfectionists when it comes to drywall installation and finishing. Call us now and let our expertise create beautiful home interiors with smooth, evenly textured drywall.

Desired Trims
Wall trim refers to various types of molding elements that can be aesthetically combined to form decorative patterns, thus transforming plain walls. When used in combination with wainscoting, the result is a room with elegance and substantive visual appeal. Trim detail simplifies and enhances the completion of drywall. Trim detail adds style and elegance to interior finishes. Trim detail is low in cost and can be easily applied. Call Billy’s Drywall for wall trim services, satisfaction guaranteed!

Metal Stud Framing
Metal stud framing can be used for many applications, most commonly used for commercial type structures on interior and exterior walls, ceilings, domes, barrel vaults, wall furring and curved walls. Metal studs can be used for structural or non-structural framing using different widths and thicknesses or gauges. The benefits of using metal stud framing is that the end product is precise, straight and plumb. These studs do not warp or twist as wood studs can, and there is minimal waste. They are fire, mold and termite resistant and are made from recycled steel.

On many projects plumbers, electricians and contractors move walls or cut holes in drywall – sometimes to re-route wires or to work on leaking pipes. Following their work or repairs, these areas then require drywall patchwork and texture. The goal of drywall patchwork is to have the walls look like they were never damaged. When repairing a large number of holes it is more efficient to cut out one big area instead of patching many small areas. With water damaged drywall, any wet drywall must be cut out and the area allowed to dry for a few days. Contact us for more information.

Current Jobs
We have been the most preferred drywall company in California. We are working side by side with the trusted construction companies in and around the state of California.

We are currently working on the Gold Coast Construction. We are doing 4 homes: One each in Concord, San Jose, Bakersfield, and Visalia California for J.B. Constrcution. We have a store in Tulare for Banuelos Construction. We also have 2 custom homes in Hanford for Speedy Gonzalez. Moreso, we have 3 homes in Avenal for Ken Williams Construction. We also have 2 offices in Visalia for All Vision Construction. Lastly, we have a custom home in San Jose and Lemoore for Home Work Remodellers and we also have a custom home in Yosemite.

Completed Jobs
We worked with JB Construction in building Tulare Polaris which is located on the corner of N J Street and Gail Avenue. We, side by side with TriCon Builders, also handled the construction of Burger King on Bardsley Avenue and N O Street. The food court of Mr. Jim Jordon of Tulare Glass Shop located on N K Street and Kern Avenue also had our professional drywall services.

Our services are well-known even outside Tulare. We did acoustical removal and retexture with Banuelos Construction for a home in Visalia, California. We also serviced a residence in Hanford, California. We also worked with Speedy Gonzalez Construction for a custom home building where we patched, floated, and retextured all the walls. Recently, we completed the new T. F. Tire & Wheel Shop for Martinho Construction in Tipton, California.

We have finished the custom homes for Witschi Construction and Beatty Construction in Porterville, California.

Other completed jobs are Pixley Clinic for LRG Construction, Saint Anthony Retreat Center for JB Construction and a commercial job in Hanford, California for Witsehi Construction. We have also accomplished two projects in Visalia, California for Witschi Construction and JB Construction.